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  • Please be in possession of a valid driving licence for the category of vehicle being driven.

  • On the day of your driving test the pupil is responsible for ensuring that all documentation required for the practical test is available.

  • If you need to wear glasses please bring them with you as you should be able to clearly read a number plate from 20 meters.

  • For me to get you to driving test standard you would be expected to have regular lessons, normally at least one per week.

  • The pupil must ensure that they are not under the influence of alcohol & drugs or prescription medicines that prohibit them from driving.

  • The pupil will be be expected to have an hours lesson prior to the driving test and the two hour fee will apply.

  • If the pupil changed the pick up or drop off point without 24 hours notice it may not be possible to give the full hours tuition, however the full hour may be charged.

  • If the pupil is late for the lesson, the lesson may finish on time and the full hour charged.

  • 48 hours cancellation notice is required or charges may be applied.

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